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Erin M. McCandless LMT

If you’re looking for a professional massage therapist, you’ve come to the right place.Many of my clients are people who live their lives with chronic problems or pain.  Some have been in accidents earlier in their lives and been told just to live with their pain. My clients have experienced an improvement in their quality of life through massage. I have 19+ years of experience that has been enhanced by my having worked with chiropractors.

Education MTTI  
500 Hour Certification 1997 – 1999

Deep Tissue Massage
Trigger Point
Pregnancy Massage
Swedish Massage  
Hot Stone
Corporate Chair Massage

Bodywise Wellness Clinic
April 1999 – May 2005
Bodywise Wellness Clinic was owned by Dr. Mike Uriarte, DC it was a fantastic place to have started my practice.
Dr. Mike is a great Chiropractor as well as a gifted teacher. I feel that what I learned about the body and the nervous system from Dr. Mike was invaluable. I believe that this added a depth of knowledge to my practice that I could not have gotten anywhere else and has made me a much better Massage Therapist.
Unfortunately with Dr. Mike's teaching schedule taking him away from the office more frequently, the office closed and we all moved to new locations. Dr. Mike currently continues to teach The MyoKinesthetic System to massage therapists nationwide.

Rebman Chiropractic
May 2005 – December 2007
When Bodywise Wellness Clinic closed I moved my practice to Rebman Chiropractic, owned by Dr. Victoria Rebman, DC. I continued to work with patients with chronic pain and received many referrals over the years from Dr. Rebman, her staff, and patients.

In Touch Therapeutic Massage
Massage Therapist/Owner
January 2008 – Present
In January of 2008 I moved my practice to In Touch Therapeutic Massage located within Downtown Overland Park, KS, in May of 2008 I purchased the In Touch Therapeutic Massage from its previous owner who had moved out of state.

I continue to work with patients with chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, women who are pregnant, and people who want relaxation massage. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last nineteen years of my massage practice and look forward to many more.

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